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The Gulf Stream

Winslow Homer

The Gulf Stream - Winslow Homer -

Title:The Gulf Stream
Painted by:Winslow Homer
Location:Private Collection
Dimensions:49.13 inch wide x 28.11 inch high

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i am doing a report on him and i want to Know what made him make this painting so amazing and i want to paint just like him and i want to see his grave someday and put one of his famous painting's on his grave
i want to Know how he painted it
Posted by michaela l on 19.August 2009, 00:05

I have been familar with this painting since I was a young boy. The drama and story of the man in his demasted and rudderless sloop, having survived the terrible storm but facing imminent death from capsizing in the still rough seas and being thrown to circling sharks, I thought it was great art. No matter the wind spout in the distance: I was convinced that the three master ship, behind his view, would spot him and he would be saved
The Gulf Stream
Posted by mark seligson on 8.September 2009, 23:43

that was a nice picture

Posted by keyundra on 2.March 2010, 13:11

How can "The Gulf Stream" be rated only three stars? It's a masterpiece and deserves the maximum number of stars.
The Gulf Stream
Posted by George Thomas Clark on 29.March 2010, 14:05

This painting is amazing.

Posted by PwnerZ546 on 10.August 2010, 22:46

if you've ever been in a storm on the gulf you can truley appreciate the grand,terrifying,awe inspiring life of this work
the gulf stream
Posted by robin on 11.April 2011, 12:42

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