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Winslow Homer

Undertow - Winslow Homer -

Painted by:Winslow Homer
Location:Sterling And Francine Clark Art Institute, William

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This painting has special interest to me: I'm a lifeguard in Atlantic City! I've been on the patrol 44 years... This is a meaningful work to anyone ever on the beach.
The Undertow
Posted by Norman Draper on 14.September 2009, 22:03

An ocean lifeguard saved my life on 9/5/1998 while I was caught in an undertow. This painting brings it all back to me. I will always be grateful.
The Undertow
Posted by Mary Quinn on 20.March 2011, 10:55

I found a reference to this painting in Three Women at the Water's Edge, a novel by Nancy Thayer. The painting held special meaning for one of the characters.
reference check
Posted by Bev Aweve on 25.July 2012, 11:54

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